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Benefits of using Draftbox for your existing WordPress or Ghost blog.


12 May#Benefits

Provide 10x better experience with pre-built pages served from global CDN along with in-built caching and image optimization.

Team Draftbox1 min read

10 May#Benefits

It takes less than a second for a mobile user to reach an opinion about your website, and Draftbox will ensure that you leave the first good impression.

Team Draftbox1 min read

09 May#Benefits

In-built features like RSS feed, subscription form, social sharing and SEO optimization help you grow your audience.

Team Draftbox1 min read

08 May#Benefits

Draftbox provides in-built integrations for analytics, forms and comments for your site.

Team Draftbox1 min read
Code export for devs

07 May#Benefits

Draftbox provides code export of your site, if you want to get your hands dirty.

Team Draftbox1 min read

27 April#Benefits

Google has made site speed an actual search ranking factor, and Draftbox leaves no stone unturned to help you rank better.

Team Draftbox1 min read

06 December#Benefits

At Draftbox, we're committed towards providing best reading experience to your users. We've hand-crafted WYSIWYG styling to achieve this goal.

Team Draftbox7 min read